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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add and item to my order without paying additional shipping?

Yes, but our code was abused last year, so we changed it! Here's the info from our About Us Page: 

**This service is a courtesy and it will be removed if our codes are abused**

If you see an item you want to add to your order before it ships, there's a coupon code for that!


Reply to your order confirmation email to receive the code and we will review your order to see if additional items will fit in the shipping method you paid for. If so, the code will waive your second order's shipping costs. If not, we can invoice you seperately for the added items plus any shipping difference to upgrade to the next package size.


If you already have the code, please leave a HOLD note on your orders for planned add ons


Notify us before submitting your second order. Why? Some orders may already be prepped to ship, at which point they can't be added to.


You can now select "Priority Mail Preferred Shipping" on all orders at checkout!

This is a handy option to cover shipping for those of you who regularly add to smaller orders.


Are your products Vegan Friendly?

Very few of our products are made with animal derived ingredients. Any glycerin used in our products is vegetable derived. Balms are now made with a Vegan Beeswax Alternative.

Most items can be custom made Vegan if you see an ingredient listed that is animal derived. Custom order wait times may exceed normal TAT, but we welcome Vegan Friendly requests.

Are your products Cruelty Free?

Yes. I only do business with CF vendors and suppliers. I do not test on animals.

Are you accepting custom requests?

Custom item requests are open from Jan. 1st- Sept. 1st every year. 

Are you looking for Brand Reps/Promoters?

Not at this time. We prefer our reviews and customer posts to be 100% honest and free of influence.

How can I be featured on your social media?

We are proud to feature customers who share product images and reviews on our Instagram: @wakethedeadscrubs. Simply use #wakethedeadscrubs

What is a TAT?

Turn Around Time is an estimated time frame for which an order typically ships. We request you wait 14 business days before contacting us about an order. Most postal holidays are shop holidays in which we are closed.

When will you start working on my order?

All products are made to order, including mystery boxes. They will be started as soon as your payment clears. Payments normally clear within 24/48hrs. Orders placed on Fridays and weekends are typically started on Monday Mornings. Turn around time begins AFTER payments are processed.

**Orders are worked on in the order they are received no matter the size unless they consist of only RTS items.

What does RTS mean?

Very rarely do we keep pre-made items on hand. When we do, we call them our "Ready to Ship" items. Holiday Launch products are a good example of RTS items. They're made in small batches and shelved for immediate shipping. Although we try our best to keep RTS items on hand, they sell out fast and we prefer to keep items as fresh so they may also require batching from time to time.

Where is Wake The Dead Scrubs located?

WTDS is located in sunny downtown Huntington Beach, CA. I operate from a small 950sq office. We are happy to provide wholesale products to private salon owners in our area. Wholesale orders may take up to 2-4 weeks to complete.

Do you offer free samples in exchange for reviews?

No. We only offer free gifts with purchase at our own discretion. Keep an eye out for FREEBIE FRIDAY deals that happen once a month in our shop. All of our reviews are 100% organic and come directly from paying customers.

Can you tell me more about Freebie Friday?

Freebie Friday is a customer appreciation day that we host once a month. No codes are needed and Free Gifts are picked at random from our RTS shelves. You can expect to receive anything from a sample to a full sized product. We pick your item based on the order subtotal. The more you spend, the bigger the reward! When you see a FF post on our social media, the deal runs until midnight PST/3am EST.


What is the shelf life on Face Masks?

Coffee Masks: 6-8 months

Wet Clay Masks: 12 months

Gel Masks: 12 months

Peel Off Masks: 12 months

Dry Clay Masks: 24 months

What is the difference between Perfume & Fragrance Oil?

WTDS does NOT use perfume. We prefer Fragrance oil and essential oil. Perfume has harsh alcohol volumes and can dry out your skin. Fragrance oil is skin safe when used at the proper IFRA standards. We carefully abide by these standards in all of our products. Essential oils, our favorite way  to enhance scent, are steam-distilled pure plant extracts. Essential oils are much higher-end and can sometimes contribute to the pricing difference on some of our products. All orders can be custom made without fragrance if you prefer. Leave a note at checkout if this is an option you'd like.

How long should I let my WTD Wax Melts/Candles cure?

Wax melts are ready to melt according to the date on the packaging which is typically 3-4 weeks from their pour date.

Why don't I get your Monthly Mailer?

Our monthly Mailer goes out to SUBSCRIBERS and REWARDS MEMBERS only.


For questions related to shipping, damages caused by USPS, returns, or shop disclosures... please see the main ABOUT US Tab for full details.

Further questions?


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