when is my card charged?

Your recurring charge will process on the same day you placed your original order, every month.

Ex. You subscribe on the 15th when our pre-order opens. That will be your charge date for the duration of your subscription. Your box will ship after the boxes release on the 1st.

Let's say you ordered your original box after the 1st when the pre-order ended and boxes were released. Your box is still reserved for you on the 15th of each month when the pre-order opens. Your box will ship after the date your payment is processed.

can i change my charge date?

Yes. By canceling your subscription via email request, you can choose the date your payment processes by ordering on a specific date during the next box cycle.


When canceling, you can also request a reminder email on the date you'd like to re-subscribe. We're happy to make it convenient!


Keep in mind- if your original subscription was locked in with a Free Shipping code that is no longer offered, unfortunately we cannot honor that discount once it's expired.

can i cancel, no strings attached?

We do have a deadline/cut-off for canceling subscriptions since we reserve your next box for you during production and order bonus items to accomodate your box in advance.

Cancelations must be requested through email before pre-orders open up on the 15th of each month regardless of your charge date. Even if your card has not been charged yet, your box is reserved on the 15th.

If you don't meet the cut-off date your box will ship out as usual that month and future recurring charges will be canceled once your final box has left our shop.



if i'm already subscribed, will i be included in offers for the bonus items?

On occasion, I enjoy adding a BONUS GIFT in the first "x-amount" of orders. I make sure I order enough of these items to accomodate my subscribers as well as the number of boxes we advertise the offer for. So, yes! All subscribers get these bonus items as well as a fun Scratch & Win Card.

what happens if my charge is declined?

Our recurring payments are processed through PayPal Merchant Services. At this time we have not had this issue with any of our subscribers, but we assume PayPal will notify you if your payment source has been declined. Per their FAQ you should be offered an opportunity to update your card or banking info with them in order to reprocess your payment.

If we see a bounced payment on our end, your box will still be held for you and we will reach out to you in order to accept a new form of payment via shop invoice.