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It's Written In The Cards...๐ŸŽ‡๐ŸŽดโœจ

Hello Zombabes!

This month you have several cards in your box that will present themselves as an opportunity for a reading. When you open your box, take each card into your hand one at a time and introduce it to your energy through touch. Before moving on to your next card, concentrate on the question or subject of interest that you're going to associate with that card and scroll below to find it's meaning. By revealing one card at a time, you're allowing yourself to use the next card as a follow up question before seeing the card. Okay, let's do this!

Traditionally, you'd ask your full tarot card deck a question, but with this box we're just having some fun with the cards that I've intuitively selected for you. This is just a unique and exciting way to introduce my Zombabes to the joyful (and sometimes HARSH) interactions you can get from reading Tarot. If you'd like to start a journey into Tarot Reading I suggest the Rider-Waite Deck. This is the version I've added to your box for your "Subscriber Reading". Now let's learn more about the process and get to each cards meaning. (which is included below if you are familiar with Tarot and choose to skip this portion)

Your question for your card should be clear and open-ended. For example, avoid asking questions that begin with "Will I...," as they run the risk of locking you into a passive role in your own future. The idea is to use the card reading to illuminate a path forward, so the tarot reader should ask questions that are broader. Here are a few frameworks to consider if you're new to tarot:

  • "What do I need to know about...?"

  • "How can I understand...?"

  • "Why am I feeling anxious about...?"

  • "Where is the hidden opportunity in...?"

  • "What should I focus on in my relationship with...?"

  • "How can I move past...?"

The Major Arcana: What They Mean

The Major Arcana cards are not like the Minorsโ€”while the Minors can be pretty specific (focusing on actual situations, feelings, etcetera), the Majors are more about energy fields and influences. They may reflect a spiritual search, attainment, or life lesson. Sometimes they reflect forces beyond our control. They warn us that resistance is futile and that we need to adjust our perception or increase understanding and acceptance.

The Meanings of the Major Arcana Cards

  • 0 Fool โ€“ Taking a risk. Getting outside your comfort zone. Knowing the universe is looking after you.

  • 1 Magician โ€“ Feeling confident, assured. Having all the tools and resources at your disposal. Power.

  • 2 High Priestess โ€“ Intuition. Going within. Inner knowing.

  • 3 Empress โ€“ Growth, fertility, pregnancy, motherhood. New project. Dominant female.

  • 4 Emperor โ€“ Structure, organization, rules. Dominant male.

  • 5 Hierophant โ€“ Learning path, religion, spirituality, spiritual mentor, guide.

  • 6 Lovers โ€“ Life-changing choice, a turning point. Union with another, two as one.

  • 7 Chariot โ€“ Drive and determination. Autonomy. Mediation and negotiation.

  • 8 Strength โ€“ Persuasion, gentle strength. Patience, control, compassion.

  • 9 Hermit โ€“ Knowing oneself, solitude. Understanding humanity, wisdom.

  • 10 Wheel of Fortune โ€“ Change, good luck, destiny.

  • 11 Justice โ€“ Cause and effect, karma, fairness, legal issues.

  • 12 Hanged Man โ€“ On hold, nothing happening, stuck, letting go of the outcome.

  • 13 Death โ€“ Endings and new beginnings, transformation, transition. Death.

  • 14 Temperance โ€“ Chemistry, moderation, balance. Getting it right.

  • 15 Devil โ€“ Addiction, bad habits, co-dependency, materialism.

  • 16 Tower โ€“ Chaos, destruction, upheaval. Unexpected and possibly unwanted change.

  • 17 Star โ€“ Renewed optimism, hope, serenity. Spiritual love and joy.

  • 18 Moon โ€“ Insecurity, anxiety, illusion, fear, health issues.

  • 19 Sun โ€“ Improvement, growth, positivity, love, abundance, joy.

  • 20 Judgment โ€“ Rebirth, calling, forgiveness.

  • 21 World โ€“ In the right place. Accomplishment, completion. Pause before the next stage.

The Minor Arcana: What They Mean

The Minor Arcana are often considered to be less important than the Major Arcana cards. This is incorrect. When someone is dealing with a set of circumstances, they are right in the middle of the action. While a Major can point out the overall energy, the Minor card is able to pinpoint the details and give the necessary adviceโ€”in the present moment.

The Suit of Wands/Staves

Wands represent inspiration and action.

Ace of Wands โ€“ Rush of energy, inspiration, passion, creativity.

  • Two of Wands โ€“ Planning, decisions, delays.

  • Three of Wands โ€“ Enterprise, entrepreneurial spirit, responsibility, opportunity. New job.

  • Four of Wands โ€“ Community, celebration, domestic comfort, engagement, wedding, housewarming. A job well done.

  • Five of Wands โ€“ Arguments, disagreements, tension, competition, strife.

  • Six of Wands โ€“ Victory, achievement. Good results in exams. Public acknowledgment.

  • Seven of Wands โ€“ Standing your ground, challenge, not giving up.

  • Eight of Wands โ€“ Change, getting organized, motivation, travel, possible pregnancy.

  • Nine of Wands โ€“ Courage, determination, resilience.

  • Ten of Wands โ€“ Responsibilities, stress, tough times.

  • Page of Wands โ€“ Explorer, potential, free agent, no ties, messenger (or message arriving swiftly).

  • Knight of Wands โ€“ Lust, enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit, scattered energy.

  • Queen of Wands โ€“ Warmth, vibrancy, sexual enthusiasm.

  • King of Wands โ€“ Leader, visionary, role model, temperamental, egotistical.

The Suit of Cups

Cups reflect emotions and relationships with others and self.

  • Ace of Cups โ€“ Overwhelming romantic and spiritual love. New relationship, friendship. Compassion.

  • Two of Cups โ€“ Attraction, love, commitment.

  • Three of Cups โ€“ Friendship, fun, community, girlsโ€™ night out, celebration.

  • Four of Cups โ€“ Emotional stability, contemplation, meditation, inward focus.

  • Five of Cups โ€“ Loss, hurt, disappointment, bereavement, regret, pain. Emotional challenge.

  • Six of Cups โ€“ Memories of people and places. Childhood, children, grandchildren.

  • Seven of Cups โ€“ Fantasy, imagination, too many choices.

  • Eight of Cups โ€“ Parting, leaving home. Emotional choice.

  • Nine of Cups โ€“ Emotional security. Comfort, satisfaction, happiness.

  • Ten of Cups โ€“ Family, harmony, fulfillment, peace, love.

  • Page of Cups โ€“ Explorer of feelings, creative, messenger (or message arriving from overseas).

  • Knight of Cups โ€“ Romantic beau. Loves to love. Bisexuality.

  • Queen of Cups โ€“ Intuitive, compassionate woman. Good friend.

  • King of Cups โ€“ Gentle, friendly man. Emotionally supportive.

The Suit of Pentacles

Pentacles are connected to the material world, work, health, and money.

  • Ace of Pentacles โ€“ Gift, manifestation, new house or project. Prosperity.

  • Two of Pentacles โ€“ Making ends meet. Balancing time and resources.

  • Three of Pentacles โ€“ Collaboration, teamwork, pooling resources, and ideas.

  • Four of Pentacles โ€“ Stability, security, isolation, holding on to resources.

  • Five of Pentacles โ€“ Material loss, destitution, poverty, financial or material challenge.

  • Six of Pentacles โ€“ Generosity, giving and receiving support, charity, donation of resources.

  • Seven of Pentacles โ€“ Slight dissatisfaction, underlying discontent, doing well but could do better. Wondering about missed opportunities.

  • Eight of Pentacles โ€“ Education, training/retraining, change of career, focus on the job in hand.

  • Nine of Pentacles โ€“ Independence, happy with own company. Self-sufficiency, appreciation.

  • Ten of Pentacles โ€“ Family structure, wealth, business, planning, inter-generational co-operation.

  • Page of Pentacles โ€“ Student, curiosity, focus. Messenger, or message arriving by post.

  • Knight of Pentacles โ€“ Hard worker, loyal, reliable, quiet man with hidden depths.

  • Queen of Pentacles โ€“ Comforting, practical, efficient woman. Motherhood, career woman.

  • King of Pentacles โ€“ Businessman, magnanimous, proud, self-educated, self-made.

The Suit of Swords

Swords represent intellect and communication.

  • Ace of Swords โ€“ Clarity, decision making, insight, understanding, truth revealed.

  • Two of Swords โ€“ Indecision, not acknowledging the truth, afraid to face reality.

  • Three of Swords โ€“ Miscommunication, rejection, hurtful words, painful realization.

  • Four of Swords โ€“ Withdrawal, resting the mind, time-out, meditation.

  • Five of Swords โ€“ Conflict, tension, mental challenge, bullying.

  • Six of Swords โ€“ Transition, recovery, moving on, travel.

  • Seven of Swords โ€“ Stealth, reclaiming something lost, mental trickery, betrayal, theft.

  • Eight of Swords โ€“ Self-entrapment, perceived imprisonment, isolation.

  • Nine of Swords โ€“ Anxiety, depression, nightmares, endless negative thought.

  • Ten of Swords โ€“ Defeat, ending, death. End of life cycle/beginning of the next.

  • Page of Swords โ€“ Mentally agile, restless, experimenting. Messenger (or message arriving fast).

  • Knight of Swords โ€“ Incisive, decisive, impulsive, political. Fights for the underdog.

  • Queen of Swords โ€“ Perceptive, quick thinker, seeker of truth. Tells it like it is.

  • King of Swords โ€“ Authoritative, intellectually powerful, truthful, direct.

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