Shop Review from Brittany G.

Favorite Products: Green Tea & Tea Tree Mask, A,C&E Serum, Lavender Bath Salts

Shop Review: I haven't tried a WTD product yet that I didn't like. The products are super affordable, but they work just as well, if not better than the high-end products I've used. I love all of the face masks and facial skincare products, as well as the makeup primer and setting spray, and the bath salts and bath milk are also amazing!

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Shop Review from @mommabatgirl1086

Name/Social Media Handle: @Mommabatgirl1086 Favorite Products: I have had the honor to try many products. One of my favorites is the acne defense spot treatment. It works and really helps clear up my

Shop Review from Hillary V.

Name/Social Media Handle: Hillary Vizcardo Favorite Products: Makeup primer, citrus pore astringent Shop Review: The makeup primer is my absolute favorite primer ever! It's smooth and my make up alway

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