Shop Review from christa___christa

Name/Social Media Handle: christa___christa Favorite Products: zombie antidote, citrus astringent, lemon/charcoal body soap, ALL face masks especially leatherface and any coffee ones.

Shop Review: I could go on and on about my love for Shannon and Wake the Dead Scrubs. Been shopping here a little over a year now, and couldn't imagine my skincare routine without these products. The citrus astringent is my number 1 go to product. My husband also loves the items, especially zombie antidote. I can't say enough about how amazing all of Shannon and Juan's products are!!


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Shop Review from Lacy Grace

Name/Social Media Handle: Lacy Grace Favorites: Citrus Pore Cleansing Astringent Review: Just recently bought this product, I love that it's natural and you know where it's coming from :) It works wo

Shop Review from Deja

Name/Social Media Handle: Deja Favorite Product: Lemon, Coffee & Pumice Foot Scrub Review: In a world of mint-scented foot care products, this lemon-scented foot scrub is a wonderful change of pace! I

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