Shop Review from @subie_sarah

Author: Sarah/subie_sarah

Favorite Items: Cooling clay mask, Green tea and tea tree mask, soothing coffee oatmeal mask and exfoliating coffee tea tree soap bar & more!

Review: I have had nothing but amazing results with all products from this shop! I have extremely sensitive skin and finding products are typically hard for me but not if I am shopping here. I've found so many things to treat my skin which has made me feel so much more comfortable and confident! Being able to finally and truly take care of the skin you're in is a blessing in my case especially with products where you know what you're using whereas doctors want to shove pills and chemicals in your body to treat it with little to no results. Rant over but anyone who is curious or thinking of shopping here, don't hesitate! You're going to be just as obsessed as I am! Zombabe for life.

Tuesday, May 24th, 2019

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