WTD vs. Honest Beauty

Honest Beauty Sample • WTD Ceramide Cream

Where do I begin?

Let's talk fragrance since that's the first thing I notice about a product aside from its price and packaging.

WTD: This cream is a light to medium Rose scent. At first, I thought the fragrance would linger. To my surprise it faded away after about 3 minutes. It has a very natural, true rose scent which is elegant.

HONEST: The fragrance in this is medium to heavy. It also has floral hints to it, however there's an overwhelming musky undertone that almost makes the cream smell like chemicals. It also lingers much longer than the WTD cream.

My pick for best fragrance- WTD Ceramide Cream

Now we can talk price.

WTD: 1 ounce $9.00

HONEST: 1 ounce $19.99

I dont think we have to work too hard to guess which one wins there- WTD is leading 2 to zero so far.

Texture is a tie for me. As you can see they're similar white cream bases with almost identical consistency. WTD contains more oils and a slow-release formula which I find beneficial in a night cream. While they are neck and neck in texture, the Honest Beauty is lacking in appeal when the competition offers hydration through the entire night.

Point goes to WTD again.

It looks like we have a clear winner. Wake the Dead Scrubs never lets me down. From affordable pricing to quality products and seriously impressive customer care, they earned my business for the long haul.


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