Peacock Ore is a stone of happiness. It makes an excellent healing crystal that channelizes the internal energy and removes all the negativity.

Peacock Ore  (Chalcopyrite) is known to help you find lost object and is reported to be a stone that will ‘disappear’ and accumulate information that is useful to the owner/user.  Peacock Ore helps you to reach and stay at a meditative state and is very helpful in cleansing and activating the Crown Chakra by removing any energy blockages that you might have.

Peacock Ore is a wonderful looking stone and can be ‘gazed’ into while meditating.

Meditate while you have a piece of Peacock ore near and your Crown chakra will help to clear any blockages that you might have.

A stone of Peacock Ore while meditating has a vibration that will help you achieve and maintain a meditative state.

Please note that Peacock Ore is a wonderful stone but is very brittle and will break off if handled to much.

Chalcopyrite Peacock Ore- 40carats (8g)


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