This bundle pack includes our entire collection of Acne Controlling face masks and our best selling Hydro-gel Facial Moisturizer. All come in the conveniently sized 2.5oz jar. 

Please read each individual listing for full item description and ingredients.
To summarize, this set includes:

A moderately exfoliating coffee mask/scrub filled with acne healing agents and skin softeners.

A gentle exfoliating and antibacterial mask with Green Tea to fight active breakouts.

An intense detoxifying clay mask that is designed to cleanse the skin of acne causing impurities.

And last but not least, the highly recommended and 5 star reviewed Zombie Antidote- created to hydrate and balance your skin without clogging the pores.... Also firms the skin with added collagen! This is a bundle you don't want to miss... available for a limited time only!

Acne Control Bundle Pack


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