Calling all Horror Fans!!!! In honor of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre film we're releasing a Collectors Edition LEATHERFACE Peel off Mask. This is a bentonite clay based mask made to cleanse dirt and bacteria from pores. much like a toner, this mask will form and tighten the skin leaving it feeling clean and fresh! It is lightly scented with a blend of fragrances including dark leather, sensual vanilla, cashmere musk, brushed suede and myrrh. All fragrance oils are skin safe and used in compliance with IFRA maximum skin exposure limitations. 

2.5 oz Jar- $17

Ingredients: Polyvinyl alcohol, SD alcohol, Propylene glycol, glycerin, SDS, Bentonite clay, Licorice root, Lemon extract, Tea tree oil, Willow bark extract, Coconut oil, Ginger root extract, Witch Hazel, Sandalwood oil, Cinnamon, Titanium dioxide, Fragrance oil, Dimethicone.

Cinnamon content 1%: will increase circulation to help plump and firm. may cause slight redness, which is normal and fades within minutes after use.

Leatherface Collectors Edition Mask

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