♡3 inch Abalone Smudge Dish
♡Raw Rose Quartz Crystal
♡Palo Santo (Holy Wood) Stick
♡Loose Incense: White Sage, Rose petals, Lavender buds, Jasmine flowers, and Marigold flowers.
Burn safely in this Fire Safe Dish. Never leave incense, Sage, Candles or Wax Melts burning unattended. Safety first!
Looking for a LARGE fire safe dish for your home? Check out our Full Size Abalone Shells here: https://www.wakethedeadscrubs.com/product-page/6-abalone-shell-w-stand-sage
Seashells here:https://www.wakethedeadscrubs.com/product-page/large-seashell-smudging-dish-4-6in
Cast Iron Cauldrons here:Moonphase- https://www.wakethedeadscrubs.com/product-page/moon-phase-cast-iron-cauldron-w-sage
Pentacle- https://www.wakethedeadscrubs.com/product-page/pentacle-cast-iron-cauldron-w-sage

Loose Incense Bundle

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