This oil is a blend of pure rose essential oil, hemp seed oil, rose petals and light fragrance oil.

$12- 1oz Glass Dropper

FOR USE ON THE BODY: Drop 3-5 drops into hands, then massage onto dry areas such as the arms, legs and  feet.

FOR USE ON THE HAIR: Drop 3 drops into the hands and massage them together. Then run fingers and palms through the ends of the hair to give split ends extra nourishing shine. Repeat until you reach the amount of shine you prefer. Add one drop at a time and continue to apply upwards toward the roots. A little goes a long way. Use on roots to enhance hair growth and improve scalp issues. This may appear oily if applied too heavily. 

FOR USE ON THE CUTICLES: drop a single drop near the finger tips and massage onto each nail bed.

*This oil is safe for use on all areas of the body, but avoid contact with the eyes. If this oil comes in contact with the eyes, rinse and flush thoroughly.

*Use caution when applying oils to the face as you may transfer them throughout the day unknowingly.

1oz Luxurious Rose Oil