1- 4x6 handcrafted wooden box
1- California White Sage wand (L=4in,W=1.5in)
1- Palo Santo "Holy Wood" Stick

1- Black Tourmaline Protective Crystal

1- Palo Santo Green Tea

Used for cleansing, purifying & protection. Each wand is hand tied and easy to burn as a whole or piece by piece. California White Sage is one of the most sacred herbs among indigenious North American people. Used in ritual, ceremonies or just for cleansing the energy in your home. Each smudge stick is 3-4" long and approximately 1 1/2" Wide.

Palo Santo is a Cleansing tool used to purifythe room of negative energies.

Palo Santo Green Tea is not only good for your body and digestive system, but it  tastes wonderful too!

Black tourmaline is a crystal used to repel and block negative energies and psychic attacks. It can easily lighten your vibration.

Owl Carved Wooden Box Bundle

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