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Feeling a little restricted by seasonal congestion? The stresses of life giving you a major headache? We've got 2 Essential Oil Inhaler blends you may need to try!


Our seasonal inhalers are loaded with Pure Essential Oils to quickly remedy sinus congestion and ease daily stress.


  • Our Congestion Relief inhaler is made with pure Eucalyptus oil that clears up sinus congestion and makes your airway feel instant relief. It's also a quick way to make yourself feel alert and clear headed. This oil is known to help with stress and mood disorders as well.


  • The Stress & Anxiety Relief inhaler is made with pure sweet Orange and Cedarwood essential oils. These are known to help with migraines, have an uplifting yet simultaneously relaxing & calming effect, help reduce pulse rate/stress, and clear up phlegm in the sinus cavity.


These last upwards of 1 year, but we recommend replacing them 3 months after breaking their seal if used daily or left in a hot area. (in your car for example)



TO USE: Remove top, place round end of inhaler tube into one nostril while plugging the other and inhale. Repeat on opposite side. You do not need to insert this into the nose. Simply cup it gently against your nostril and inhale. These can be used as needed to clear your sinuses.


These are not to be shared, so if you have family members who may need one, please purchase one per person to avoid spreading germs. Like a toothbrush, these should be considered a personal use item that should not be shared. Boxed for convenience when ordered in pairs. Priced per inhaler.


Made with Pure Essential Oil. No harmful/cheap additives are found in our inhalers.

Seasonal Inhalers

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