Place these in a bowl with other cystals to charge and cleanse your crystal collection. Rub in hands or place under pillow to benefit from its properties yourself.


Selenite is perfect for all types of energy cleansing. It is one of the the very few minerals that has the ability to quickly unblock stagnant energy and remove negative energy. Selenite stones also greatly magnify the energy of anything that is placed upon them. They don't retain negative energies and don't have to be cleansed. It therefore has the powerful ability to clear and block negativity, and to shield you from unwanted energies. Grounds and aligns the chakras and promotes restful sleep. Is very calming and brings deep peace

Size: 2.2-3 inches as shown in photo
Weight:  approximately 4ounces, sizes vary sightly.

*polished selenite

♡  Enhancing mental flexibility and enables strong decision making abilities

♡ Selenite is a stone of mental clarity and clears confusion

♡ Opens the Crown and Higher Chakras and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work and aids in spiritual development.

Selenite is a soft material and may contain small chips, flaws and flakes. Do not place in water.

Selenite Palm Stone

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