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This new luxurious and hydrating serum will leave your skin feeling soft and silky to the touch. Our vitamin-infused serum not only provides intense hydration, but also works to repair UV damage and reduce the signs of aging and discoloration. The anti-aging properties will help to enhance your natural glow, leaving your skin looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.



The added benefit of brightening tattoos makes this serum a must-have for anyone looking to maintain the vibrancy of their ink. Say goodbye to dull, dry skin and hello to a radiant, youthful complexion and vivid body art with our Strawberry Glaze Serum.


1.5oz Glass Pump Bottle



  • Strawberry Powder- Strawberries are high in vitamin C, which can lighten skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots. Contain antioxidants and polyphenols that can help protect against UV damage and signs of premature aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines. A natural source of salicylic acid, which can help prevent breakouts by unclogging pores and tightening them.
  • Glycerin- Locks in hydration for a healthy, natural glow.
  • Aloe Vera- Soothes dry and irritated skin, provides hydration, and acts as a viscous moisturizer.
  • Avocado Oil- Works as a wonderful antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory skin care ingredient and also increases collagen production. Avocado oil for skin is an especially good component to use if you have skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, but can be used on all skin types.
  • Argan Oil- Protects the skin's barrier and improves overall texture. If you're struggling with eczema, psoriasis or chronic dry skin, argan oil may be your saving grace.
  • Hyaluronic Acid- Helps with soft tissue growth, prompts your body to make more collagen and elastin, keeps your skin moisturized, prevents tightness, boosts elasticity, and reduces scarring.


Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Carbomer, Triisopropanolamine, Aloe Vera Juice, Hyaluronic Acid, Strawberry Powder, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Fragrance Oil, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Diazolidinyl Urea.

Strawberry Glaze Serum