Wake the Dead with our skin correcting body scrubs in a variety of different scents that each serve an wonderful purpose of their own...A blend of Essential Oils, Coffee, natural extracts and all of the amazing ingredients that you already find in our Standard Coffee Scrub.

16oz Airtight Jar- $28


  • TEA TREE ACNE DEFENSE ***While our coffee scrub works to help vanish scars and cellulite, this special blend helps inhibit bacterial and viral infections by nature. Our holistic Tea tree oil aids the speeding process & healing rate of scars while treating acne prone skin.
  • ORANGE BREAKFAST SCRUB ***The perfect morning aroma! This scrub is sure to wake you up and put a little pep in your step! Orange extract is known to improve dark spots, dry out and heal acne, detoxify, firm and rejuvenate dull skin.
  • GRAPEFRUIT DETOX SCRUB ***Refresh your body head to toe. This blend of Coffee and Holistic Grapefruit oil are refreshing and therapeutic to help wind down after a long day. This Holistic oil is known for it's detoxifying properties as well as an aid for fatigued muscles. Our Grapefruit oil is 100% natural, pure, vegan, gluten free, and free of additives. We never use products tested on animals!
  • EUCALYPTUS RELIEF SCRUB ***Say goodbye to aches and tension!This blend of Coffee and Holistic Eucalyptus oil are a real treat for anyone with muscle pain and inflammation. It's a brilliant aid for minor aches and pains.
  • LAVENDER RELAXATION SCRUB ***Wind down at the end of the day!This Coffee and Lavender oil Scrub is infused with the relaxing scent of fresh lavender. It's known to calm the nerves and provide natural insomnia relief.
  • REFRESHING MINT SCRUB ***Sinus pressure is a thing of the past!This scrub is sure to refresh your skin and put a little pep in your step. This Fresh Mint extract and menthol salt scrub will clear up your sinuses in a hurry!

Our holistic lavender oils are 100% natural, pure, vegan, gluten free, and free of additives. We never use products tested on animals!

To use: Massage onto body to exfoliate the skin and leave in place for a minute or 2 to fully absorb the nourishing ingredients. Gently rinse scrub off with warm water. Some redness may occur, but should fade away quickly.

Storage: Store at room temperature in a dry area. Hardening or sweating may occur in different moisture settings.

Original Coffee Body Scrub-Select your Blend

  • Coffee, sugars, cocoa powder, cinnamon, brown sugar, pure coconut oil, honey, and essential beauty oils.

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