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  • The Zombabe Box- Pre-orders open monthly on the 15th.

Zombabe's Top Picks 2022
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Bare It All Collection

Our feminine shave products are specifically designed to give you a close shave without causing irritation or discomfort. This collection includes four items to exfoliate, protect and soothe sensitive skin during your shaving experience.

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Zombie Antidote Facial Moisturizer

As one of the first products created for the shop in 2016, Zombie Antidote Hydro-Gel Moisturizer has taken our top sales spot for 6 years running! 60% of orders coming into our shop include this amazing collagen infused facial moisturizer, making this one of the staple items here at Wake The Dead Scrubs.

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Blurring Makeup Primer

Our makeup primer has been a fan favorite for many years, getting 5-star reviews for it's 13 hour wear time, pore blurring power and silky smooth texture. If you need to keep your makeup in place for a special occasion, this is the primer for you!

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Citrus Pore Cleansing Astringent

Freshen up and deep clean your pores with a citrus blend of essential oils, cooling camphor and oil neutralizing denatured alcohol. Reviews boast about the amount of dirt, oil and debris that this product can quickly remove from pores. This is an item that I personally use multiple times a day!

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4pc Face Mask Sampler

Our large face mask selection is meant to meet the needs of every skin type, but where do you start? Perhaps your skin changes with the seasons or you see multiple masks that suit your needs but want to try them out before committing to a full sized jar. Maybe you just enjoy the travel sized jars. Whatever the case, we have you covered with the 4pc Mask Sampler.

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Organic Rose Water Toner

It's back and better than ever! Our Rose Water Toner was a huge hit for many years, but the rose water distillation process took days to complete a single batch. With room to expand we were able to bring back this product with higher quality (100% Organic) ingredients. You won't find a natural toner quite like it!

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