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About Us

Wake The Dead Scrubs takes bath and beauty products to the next level. It's not just a hobby, it's a passion. I create products that are luxurious and functional without using unnecessary or unhealthy additives and fillers. Bath and Beauty products were once considered luxuries I could not personally afford as a mother of 2. So I've made it my goal to create a product that works hard for your money and can appeal to your pocket. I offer sensible amounts for those on a budget like mine! 


All of the ingredients we use are safe for the environment and can be washed down the sink or shower drain. (Our masks contain micro beads that are made of jojoba wax and are commonly mistaken for plastic micro beads... they are NOT!) Over time, and possibly as a result of mass-production, many product formulas have become diluted with fillers and/or inferior ingredients. I personally create every order that leaves my hands and ships to your home! You can rely on me to create a product that fits your needs when placing a custom order. I understand that skincare is not "one-size-fits-all" and I intend to adjust my products to everyone's wants and needs!

All of my ingredients serve a purpose. Each product is put together with a lot of thought and careful planning. We DO NOT test on animals, nor do the labs/suppliers we use. We have a group of local testers that take reviewing our products very seriously before they hit the website. We survey them in depth before releasing a new formula to the public.

Our branding may be confusing to new customers, but WTDS began it's journey as a Coffee Scrub company (hence the "Wake The Dead" name and Zombie logo) We began selling Coffee lip/body/face scrubs and soaps in 2015. We still feature those items in our Caffeinated Skincare section, but we've evolved over the years to include bath and body items for the whole family.

*In 2019 we bought the legal rights to the name WAKE THE DEAD SCRUBS and ZOMBABE(S) through the United States Patent Office with the registered trademark serial ID# 88331194/5867358. All WTD logos are copywritten and are the sole property of Wake The Dead Scrubs. They may not be used or distributed in any way without my notarized written consent. Merchandise with my branding/logo has been found online, so please know that I do not sell outside of this website and our sister-store below. We appreciate you reporting our stolen artwork to us.

You can find us on Instagram here:

@wakethedeadscrubs (skincare shop)

@thezombabebox (subscription box page)

@thecrystalcoffin (metaphysical shop)

Now... be aware, my products don't actually "Wake The Dead", so have NO fear! I hope you enjoy my products and continue to keep this Zombabe in your home for years to come!





My products are all handmade. I don't normally keep large quantities of pre-made goods on hand, so you can expect me to start making them within 48 hours. Orders can take anywhere from 3-14 business days to complete. TAT varies during holidays and sales. All orders are made in the order they are received. You'll receive an email with USPS tracking once your order ships.



**This service is a courtesy and it will be removed if our codes are abused**

If you see an item you want to add to your order before it ships, there's a coupon code for that!


Reply to your order confirmation email to receive the code and we will review your order to see if additional items will fit in the shipping method you paid for. If so, the code will waive your second order's shipping costs. If not, we can invoice you separately for the added items plus any shipping difference to upgrade to the next package size.


If you already have the code, please leave a HOLD note on your orders for planned add ons


Notify us before submitting your second order. Why? Some orders may already be prepped to ship, at which point they can't be added to.


You can now select "Priority Mail Preferred Shipping" on all orders at checkout!

This is a handy option to cover shipping for those of you who regularly add to smaller orders.


Wake The Dead Scrubs accepts no responsibility for incorrect use of products. Our products contain oils. We are also not liable for slip and fall incidents. Always use bath and body products with caution. Please read labels and website listings carefully and be aware of your own skin sensitivities and allergies. If you cannot find the information you need, please contact our customer service via email before use. Always patch test if you are concerned with sensitivity. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. We do not claim to cure or prevent any skin disorders, medical issues, or diseases. All products are intended for external use only.


All orders are shipped via USPS mail service. Priority Mail packages are insured up to $50. USPS First Class Mail is not insured. You may select Priority "Preferred" Shipping at checkout for small orders to insure them. All orders are packed to withstand normal shipping conditions. In the rare instance that your order should become damaged in transit, please visit the USPS website and enter your tracking number in the help tab's claim section to request reimbursement. We are not liable for damages caused by the mishandling of packages by postal workers. The United States Postal Service is it's own entity and we are in no way affiliated.

*As of 1/1/2021, we no longer process courtesy claims on our customers behalf as this process can be lengthy and we cannot monitor claims while processing orders.


Refunds are not given for lost or damaged packages, we are not responsible for the actions of the USPS. Please file a claim if your package was insured.


Unclaimed packages marked undeliverable or Return To Sender by USPS are restocked and nonrefundable. An attempt will be made to allow you to claim your order before it is restocked. Further shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer as we directly export the address you enter at checkout onto your shipping label. Unclaimed Local Pickup orders are forfeited without refund after Seven(7) days if arrangements are not agreed upon by a representative of Wake The Dead Scrubs.

Orders with insufficient shipping payment will be held until shipping is paid. This includes Add-On orders that exceed the max weight for the shipping method you paid for. You'll be notified that your order is on hold through an invoice. If shipping is not fully paid by the invoice deadline, your order will be forfeited & restocked and will not be refunded. 



See terms and conditions for information on refunds due to USPS mishandling. Cancellations are approved if submitted within 5 hours of your order being placed. In some cases, orders are prepared immediately, therefore I cannot accept a cancellation beyond the 5 hour mark. Canceled orders may be subject to a restocking fee. Minimum fee: $5, but varies with order size. Returns and refunds are not accepted under any circumstance. However, if you are unhappy with your order for any reason, please contact me via the "Contact Us" tab and I will do my best to assist you.


PO BOX 879


Physical location: Casa Grande, AZ

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