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Other ways to earn Loyalty Stars:

1. Leave a review on our website sharing your favorite product, customer service experience or Zombabe Box review for 10 stars. (Submit Review Here)

2. Subscribe to The Zombabe Box for occasional "Bonus Star" value loads (example: July subscribers will earn 250 stars on the day their recurring box payment processes)

3. Take advantage of double stars/free stars during special holiday promotions.

4. On your birthday- E-mail the shop or DM me on IG to remind me to load your 50 birthday stars to your account!!!

This new program is in effect as of 6/10/2022. All order placed on/after this date will accrue stars. Because this is a new program, terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the shop owner. Rewards program may be terminated at any time if account holders are abusing the program in any way.